Bilateral 602


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Enjoy our first full length! "Bilateral 602" was released in 2011 on Danse Macabre Records.

The 13 songs reveal our complex view of music making: industrial, electro, ambient, noise and minimal piano components in a descending journey to chaos.


released May 27, 2011

Frank F : Lyrics, guitars, piano, bass, vocals 
JQR : Drum and synths programming, noise, sampling, cello 

Recording, mixing and mastering : Alessandro "JQR" Ielo
Label : Danse Macabre Records


all rights reserved



EFFTER Berlin, Germany

EFFTER were formed by Frank F and JQR.
Both from Milan (Italy) they met in Berlin (Germany) in the summer of 2009.

Their music is a mixture of Frank F and JQR's musical backgrounds (from metal and noise to electro and breakcore).

EFFTER are also inspired by criminology, psychology, poetry, literature and cinema.
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Track Name: J.P.N.
Last sin confessed
eyes full of tears
last tear flowed now
down... why tears?
there's something
waiting... calls me

I' m wasting losing the reason to live or die
once again it's... it's always... I can't say
what's goin' on? It's...
I'm loosing my mind
Track Name: Godless
I don't trust in the holy word
there is no one from above
I only trust in what I see
stop saying bullshit leave me be

Here this silence grows and I
I'm trying to be much stronger
I don't care, nowhere to go...
Is the same 'cause I'm alone

I don't trust in what you’re saying
I don't follow your advice
there is something you can't cure
no god comes here to save our souls

Just in case I let you know
I don't trust in what you're saying
fuck your blessing, it’s not a cure
you can't help me, I'm alone

Tell me, try to explain to me, what's the point in your religion?
Churches full of gold, full of mercy and contradictions
your soul sure is blessed, but where's your heaven, you're a sucker
your god is a killer, in his name men kill their brothers, their sons
Track Name: My Sick Game
real fun is others’ sorrow
death is just the end of the game
Track Name: Suffer
In the end you'll be able to discover
why they do this fuckin' game
you'll know...

is this horror born from the sorrow you inflicted me?
Die with this horror which still pulses in your fuckin' veins
no, there's no way this horror goes away
life, my life is by this time ruined
now let's see what I can do with yours
Track Name: Jail
I know their names
let me hate what they have done, ere all things
what can I say about their games? I won't play
Stay on the straight path, escape out of this land
leaving behind all the bad visions that remain in my mind

when my cries finally reach their ears piercing through their heads...
then I'll find in pain something superior...

as the wine burns the eyes, gives you a cruel sleep
I will flow in your veins dear, warming your wills

watching the day goes away
I think peace will never comes
it seems so weird, a mistake but I'm still trying
I try to hold in my arms one drop of gladness
they want more, I should suffer after their death

let me alone, I don't want anyone to complain with
I know, for sure, only I can rise again...
Track Name: Buio
Past has his own life, sometimes good, sometimes bad

when we think to bend him, we have to change our mind
he starts lookin' different, mighty, he never sleeps
he's never tired
Can I ignore him? No you can't
'cause you know he's really patient he's always there

past is strong, he's like a virus
he's inside us, he's with us

Sometimes we laugh when he appears, sometimes
he's cruel, he likes to kill

One time bringing such a bad gift
such a bad forgotten thing
can I ignore him? No you can't
he's a friend of your loneliness, son of your screams

past don't care about your present
past is not interested in you
past don't care about your future
we have to bring him with us

Only death can make you sleep
with no past coming in your dreams
it depends on what you've done
but I'm sure you don't like him
Track Name: Below
pain for those who want to blame me
I've no regrets
rain, it's raining over there where they've never seen sun
I'm takin' what is mine, souls and bloody eyes

time to find another cool way to cause new pain
Track Name: Slaughter
Hey? Do you feel disappointed by your life?
Hey? Have you have thought you must die?
why don't you just enjoy your life?
Fine, I'm so glad you don't look so tired

You don't have to search for a redemption for what you've done
now fuck her, stab her, break her head and watch her eyes
consume her, lick her skin now covered by blood
remember she loves when you come
Track Name: Alexithymia
you liar, don't lie
I'm not so careless
pure love turn into death,
I have to kill for this

in a obscure grave, you'll have an amazing fear
start to scream their name
if you think it's real

sitting on your grave, I could smile all day
in the death of night I'll leave all behind

need to start again, knife or a bar is the same
hope this time I could see
much more blood to smile.

some more shit, now you must die
join' your sister, you're crumbling

one more tear will not bring you a choice
I'm murdering your lover

I thought, I dreamed of burying my sins
in a foreign place

On a lesbian night I've found company
and despite my sins, I'm getting worse

...and I saw your mother couldn't stop crying...
Track Name: Anger
short time to be satisfied
too much to cry

honestly I've lost my time, now I've realised
something needs a real change I'm fuckin' tired
tired to bleed in a silent places, full of lies

should I change what I want only to don't disappoint you?
Should I?
Track Name: Silent Victims
Silent victims soon start screaming
I'm deaf, I'm blind while I'm killing

screaming victims ask for mercy
no one hears them in this black room
silent victims eyes wide open
now are sleeping
now sleep

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